The courses at the North Sea Vocal Academy are very intensive. Therefore the number of spaces for participants are limited to only 10 singeres and two accompanists. The singers get daily individual singing lessons, vocal coaching, individual and group movement sessions. The accompanists get daily individual tuition with the vocal coach and coaching from singing teachers along with accompaniment of the singers.

The day start with a group movement warm up specifically tailored to the singing body and aims to stretch, strengthen, and release tension from the body thus preparing it for the day’s work. Dance is a component to try and help demystify choreography for the singer as so much more is demanded from singers in productions these days. Singers will also have individual movement lessons to work on any physical issues they might want to address.

Our courses give singers and accompanists a great chance to work on any thing they want to in an intense way but without pressure: a chance to take risks, to experiment and to learn about your possibilities as a performer.

Across the lessons, participants get a chance to combine work on movement, interpretation and technique in a holistic way while having the chance to be inspired by the work of others and by the beautiful surroundings of the North Jutland countryside.

singing lesson